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The Louisiana Poultry Industries of Louisiana, Inc. was developed on April 7, 1959 from the Louisiana Poultry Improvement Association. In 1964, the organization became a state affiliate of the US Poultry and Egg Association. It wasn't until October 27, 1993 that its name changed to the Louisiana Poultry Federation. Despite these changes through the years, the purpose of the organization has never waived. The Louisiana Poultry Federation continues to hold its motto "Working for a Greater Poultry Industry in Louisiana" at its core.

In 1957, the first Louisiana Poultry Convention was held in New Orleans. Since then, the convention has moved to Baton Rouge and then to Shreveport/Bossier City, where it is still held today. In addition to the annual convention, the Louisiana Poultry Council (a committee within the Louisiana Poultry Federation) hosts an annual Louisiana Poultry Seminar. This seminar features leading experts in the industry and serves as both an educational and networking tool for Louisiana Poultry Federation members.

To further fulfill its objectives, the Louisiana Poultry Federation has maintains strong relationships with Louisiana State University, the LSU Ag Center Cooperative Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station, and Louisiana Tech University. The faculty at these institutions have been key to the educational component of the organization and have been active advisors to the board of directors. As such, the Louisiana Poultry Federation supports education through scholarship money, donations to 4-H programs, and donations to the collegiate poultry judging team. The first undergraduate scholarship was awarded in 1959 and undergraduate students with an interest in poultry science still continue to receive scholarships each year. In 1989 the Louisiana Poultry Federation formed the Louisiana Poultry Industries Educational Foundation, Inc., which has been responsible for the scholarship application and awards since its establishment. The federation works all year to raise funds to support the educational foundation and its scholarship awards.

Support for 4-H programs has been a priority for the Louisiana Poultry Federation since the early 1960's, with commitment and support of 4-H continuously increasing over the years. This support includes the LSU Ag Center Livestock Show Broiler Project, the State Fair of Louisiana Broiler Project, and the 4-H Chicken and Turkey Ambassador Programs. Furthermore, the federation sponsors awards for the LSU Ag Center Junior Poultry Shows, provides support for the State 4-H Poultry Judging contest, as well as for poultry educational workshops for youth, county agents, and volunteer leaders. Each year, the federation provides the funds for 4-H'ers to travel to and participate in the National 4-H Poultry & Egg Conference, along with providing monetary support for the conference.

The Louisiana Poultry Federation works closely with Louisiana's Commissioner of Agriculture to promote the poultry industry. Importantly, the federation also works to inform those involved in the poultry industry of any legislation or industry changes that will affect the entire industry. Thus, throughout the history of the Louisiana Poultry Federation, Louisiana's poultry industry has been promoted and supported. The Louisiana Poultry Federation has been through many changes that made the organization better and more effective so that it may "Work for a Greater Poultry Industry in Louisiana!"

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